Are you ready to make your creative dream a reality?


7-Day Creator Process.

Ignite Your Creative Fire

Do you have an idea or inspiration that's been sitting on the back-burner for way too long?  Are you longing for the time, energy, support and accountability to make your vision a reality?


Believe me, I get it!  I've been writing, creating, and producing workshops, courses, and events for over two decades and I totally understand the challenges (internal and external) involved in getting it all together and making it happen.


It's so easy to get stuck in doubt, uncertainty, and overwhelm. 


Yet still... that dream persists.  You know you have something special and unique to offer the world!


I want to help you bring that Sacred Vision into reality.

The 7-Day Creator Process

  • Day 1: Initiation Day

    We begin by honoring the Sacred Seed of your vision through ceremony, opening the creative process and invoking the support of your Creative Spirit Guidance. 

  • Day 2: Integration Day

    We continue clarifying your intention and exploring the possibilities with curiosity and an open heart... allowing a relaxed spaciousness, ease, and grace to take the lead.

  • Day 3: Processing Day

    We compassionately dig-in, uncovering and addressing the creative blocks, sticky resistance, worries, fears, and distractions that arise when stepping into your Sacred Creator Power. 

  • Day 4: Programming Day

    We courageously move forward... mapping, organizing, blueprinting, and outlining the practical steps necessary for efficiently manifesting your vision.

  • Day 5: Production Day

    We are ready to confidently dive in and Get 'Er Done today! 

  • Day 6: Planning Day

    We take time for celebrating your progress, planning the next steps, and mapping the details you still need to work through.

  • Day 7: Promotion Day

    We consciously consider and create your promotion strategy, sales copy, platform options, pricing possibilities, and how to best present your brand new idea to the waiting world!

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Host Info

Celia Blackwood

Celia is an Animist/Shamanic Practitioner and initiated Paqo Healer and Teacher in the Andean tradition.  A guiding intention for her work in the world is to help others find healing and reconnection with Pachamama - Mother Earth - and all of our relations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

The 7-Day Creator Process is intended for anyone with a creative idea who truly wants to generate forward momentum in a conscious and intentional way.  This is a process held in sacred awareness and grounded in practical and applicable tools.

What kinds of creative ideas are best for this process?

This process can be helpful for just about any creative idea!  Some suggestions include: courses, workshops, special events, books, albums, visual art, photography, side hustles, websites, physical products.

How much can I really accomplish in 7 days?

Well, of course, that depends on a lot of factors!  If your creative idea is big and complicated, we can work together to break it down into smaller steps that you can definitely accomplish in 7 days. 

How much time should I expect to spend on this process?

Our group meetings will total 28 hours for the week.  You will be expected to work independently in the time between our Zoom meetings.  Ideally, you can block out the whole week and dedicate it to your creative venture.  If that isn't a possibility, expect to spend at least a few hours in addition to the daily meetings to continue making progress on your next steps.

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